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Below this message is a rotating selection of my short stories. (Read them all! You won’t be sorry.) You can also read them in order of publication here.

These stories can most accurately be categorized as weird fiction or dark fiction, but they include elements of sci-fi, horror, fantasy and drama.

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Now, Read My Short Stories

The Secret to Happiness

Two old friends, who care deeply for each other, catch up over dinner and discuss their drastically different views on what it means to be happy.

It Was Chuck

A cop and a nurse, husband and wife, are perplexed by a patient at the hospital.

For the Love, #1 and For the Love, #2

Two brothers and two friends learn secrets about each other that may be damaging.

Aye, Captain Eye, #1

A stowaway finds a strange friendship on board.

Message from an Unknown Sender

A computer programmer receives an email that changes his life.

Strange Things

A museum art guard meets a strange flickering man in his exhibition and learns that all is not as it seems.

To Scythe a Vetch

A young man gets a lucrative opportunity that goes ghoulishly wrong.


A woman kills what she thinks are spiders in her house, but they turn out to be something more insidious.

Gary Orbro

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer will haunt you.

Inadvertent Uxoricide

Old family friends suffer the fatal consequences of their mistakes.

Insecurity Complex

An envious security expert breaks into his rival’s home to learn his secrets.

Bleeding Heart

A loyal manservant suspects his employer of foul play and struggles with his conscience.

Dear Diana, You’re Gonna Die

A woman goes home to visit her dying mother and learns a family secret.

Dream House (Revisited)

An affluent couple unwittingly invite an evil spirit into their new home. Also check out a previous version at Aphelion, a webzine of science fiction and fantasy.


A pair of undervalued warehouse workers let greed lead them to an unseen world of horror.

The Thing That Should Not Be

A college student and his would-be girlfriend inadvertently conjure a dangerous creature.


A young desperate woman attempts suicide and later is pursued by a strange entity.


An american student in Paris meets her long lost cousin and pursues the secrets of her family tree.

You Never Know Until You Try

A young woman learns her true talent on a girls’ night out.

Bad Habits Die Hard

A man is late for everything, even his own death.

A Mug in My Coffee

A middle-manager and his employees find out the truth about their coffee supplier.

My Brother, Baumstein

A brother and sister come to revelations about their family.

My Wife, the Vampire

A man and woman come to terms with the woman’s addiction to human blood.

Bus Drivers

A man’s curiosity and his low regard for bus drivers leads him to unimaginable horror.

Currywurst Confusion

An American in Berlin is mistaken for a man who owes a crime syndicate a lot of money.

Dead in Stockton

An American sports journalist tries to redirect his career in a small English town.

Chang and Lopez

Two hapless cops just doing their job get swiftly caught up in corruption.

Thank You for Reading My Short Stories

Short stories are not just a form of entertainment. They also communicate messages, sometimes hidden.

Short stories explore…

They ask questions.

But most of all, short stories are read.

A writer can only do so much. It is a reader’s job to bring a short story to life. Only in the mind of the reader does a short story take a form. Otherwise, a short story is just a page with words on it. An inert mass. All the following stories have this in common—they want to be read. They long for a way out of oblivion. Short stories are like people, including people like you, dear reader. Their existence is meaningless without the presence of an Other.

So, please take these stories, these distant cousins of yours, and breathe life into them. (And of course share them on social media: FacebookTwitter.)


Dark image of a twisted barren tree, inspiration for short stories

Twisted barren branches, inspiration for short stories