American Cops Shouldn’t Have Guns

Old News #12, Monday, July 27th 2015

American cops shouldn’t have guns, because, apparently, they can’t handle them. According to my sources, American cops kill way more people than cops from similar countries. This alone should make Americans take guns away from cops–the same way you would take a toy from a misbehaving child.

Cops don’t kill with guns alone. They kill with their hands and other weapons as well. But guns are very dangerous. If used incorrectly, they can accidentally kill. American cops simply don’t know how to use them, so they should be taken away. Cops in other countries have guns. Why aren’t they killing so many people?

The reason is that American cops do not have the skill and training to use lethal force, let alone guns. Most cops can barely use a spoon. Other countries train their police by the internationals standards, which include valuing human life and using lethal force as a last resort. They don’t shake in their boots and claim that every little twitch is a life-threatening attack.

American cops do not meet these international standards. Many of them barely meet the constitutional standard, which is basically, “don’t shoot an unarmed man who is running away from you.” They need to be taught that there are other ways to solve problems besides shooting at them.

There needs to be a nationwide standard for police training and education, especially when it comes to how and when to use lethal force, guns or no guns. American cops should only get their guns back when they prove to us that they have learned how to use them.

There should also be more stringent psychological testing of American cops, because even one guano-brained bully with a badge is one too many.


This post was inspired by the June 18th 2015 article in the Guardian entitled, “All 50 US states fail to meet global police use of force standards, report finds.”



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