Democracy Already In Crisis: Quote of the Week

First of all, I’m not promoting the Guardian. I’m not a fan of theirs and only rarely read their news. I am not a regular user on their sites. This is simply a video I found on Facebook (through my friends Ira and Sean). I just had to get that out of the way.

Watch the video and read this.

You Might Be One of Them: Right-wing Assholes

The video was not only stirring, but it also rang true with me.  The speaker says that the Donald Trumps of the world are a symptom of a “democracy already in crisis.” This description of our society is very accurate. Every country has a Trump–an ignorant, uncaring, hateful, spiteful politician, who is more than happy to exploit people in whatever way possible to benefit personally.

The speaker in the video refers to them as right-wing populists. These assholes appeal to the lowest common denominator (LCD) in pursuit of political gain. If these are the kind of people that are making their way up in our political system, then it must be broken. And if that doesn’t piss you off, you might be one of them.

The Donald Trumps of the West

France: Marine le Pen

Hungary: Viktor Orb­­­­­­­án

Nederlands: Geert Wilders

Finland: True Finns

UK: Ukip

These are just the names that were given in the video. If you follow one of them, now you know and you have no excuse. But there are more where they came from.  Keep an eye out for them. I know I will be. The Donald Trumps of the world are a symptom of a broken system, a global system. Democracy is admirable, but it is not perfect. And we need to fix it. That’s my opinion. What’s yours?

Share this video. I think people need to see it, even those who “follow” the Trumps (LCD).