Donald Trump: Defining Republicans

Old News #10, Monday, July 13th 2015

A misguided soul.

Donald Trump. What a goddamned joke. I don’t think I should be writing about this guy. But I am being lazy, and this is too easy. I won’t pretend that I am an expert on this lunatic jack-ass, and will focus on his recent direct quotes from him. I have personally heard his “Mexican rapist” speech and read others as well. For a frame of reference, you can go to this article about his latest racist idiocy.

There is nothing really to say about his joker but that he is either terribly racist or terribly stupid. It has been claimed that he went bankrupt four times. But he is still worth billions. This is supposed to make him smart, and I guess toe-biting nitwits will see it that way. Money equals success equals genius. I don’t see it that way. I think he got lucky, and his hard work was getting others to do the work for him. I would believe that he has never worked, not really. And if he ever did, it was for a short time when he was young. And then one day, he realized that instead of working, he would rather do whatever he could to completely avoid it.

I don’t like to go around calling people racist unless they are close friends and loved ones (wink, wink). But what I am adamant about is calling out racist speech, ideas and institutions. What Donald Trump said about Mexicans was definitely racist.

According to the article mentioned above, the Republican Party, a.k.a. the GOP, a.k.a. the Wilkes Booth Party, is freaking out over this mule, Trump. It says that the party wants to distance itself from him because it doesn’t stand by what he says. It says that the party claims his racist comments go against the party’s values. Hmm…

Now listen, Donald “the Duck” Trump is a great goddamned joke, no matter how you look at him. But an even bigger joke is that some Republicans claim that his views are not representative of the Republican Party.

This makes me crack the fuck up.

The only difference between Trump and most Republicans (yes, I’m generalizing) is that Trump is either too stupid or delusional to tone down his speech. Most Republicans (and politicians) make sure to censor themselves depending on their audience.

If there are so many Republican voters into this guy, then it really shows what the party is truly all about. This may scare the GOP, not because they might disagree with him, but because he might be outing them. It seems like he is putting their inherent bigotry out front for all to see. He’s blowing up their spot.

Now, I know that not all Republicans spout racist nonsense (I know. It’s hard to imagine). And I certainly don’t think that to be Republican is to be racist. Saying that would make me as stupid as this Trump kid. But I do believe that many of the core values of the Republican Party tend to lead in the direction of racism, isolation and oligarchy–at least in governing. And I say this not as support or defense of Democrats or any politicians. If there were a Democrat or independent saying completely ridiculous shit, I would call them out too.

Although Trump’s campaign is mostly bad, it could have a silver lining. One positive is that it will help us to identify the nutbags. Any voter who supports Trump is either a moron or a bigot and probably shares Trump’s twisted ideas about immigration and nationalism. It’s like having the mark of Cain. We know where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. In this case, guilt by association seems about right. So to all you Trump supporters, wake the fuck up, please. If you think this guy cares about you, you’re a fool. Even if you hate Mexicans (which makes you ridiculous or a moron), you have to realize Trump is just telling you what you want to hear. As a matter of fact, maybe Trump is not racist at all, even though you may be. After all, greedy rich folk like him don’t need to hate your race to steal from you. They just need you to be dumb. And among Trump supporters (who seem to be mostly Republicans), there is plenty of that.


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