Don’t Run Out of Ink!

Dear cyberfools,

I would like to take a moment to introduce the new official name for my main blog on

Welcome to No Ink.

But No Ink is nothing new. It is simply my old blog, which was hilariously called Blog, just with a new name.

As before, here is where I will post everything that does not go into Backstory Biernes, Old News and a forthcoming third blog. In No Ink, I make no promises and no schedules. I make posts (like this one) about anything, anytime.

But don’t worry. These posts will have topics and themes primarily meant to entertain. By no means will they be random thoughts. There’s always my twitter (@IThinkUpDemons) for that.

You might be wondering about the name (if you even exist). No Ink–the simplest, most obvious meaning is that this is a website about writing, and some people use ink to write.

It comes from a phrase that I have been using on this site since the year of our dark lord 2004:

     The pen is mightier than the sword,

                                                         unless you have no ink.

It has sort of come to define what I do on this website.

I love the phrase the pen is mightier than the sword, which I would usually interpret as “words are more powerful than war.” It is a slightly whimsical, naive interpretation.

One day, I was thinking about the naivety of the phrase and couldn’t help but wonder, But what if you have no ink?” So, I added “unless you have no ink” to sort of correct it and have been using it ever since.

When I recently wanted to give an official name to my blog, I looked to the phrase for inspiration. After coming up with a couple of ideas, I cut it down to two words. And as true poets understand, this edit only served to open up the meaning.

I take this new phrase, No Ink, to mean that our biggest obstacle is usually ourselves.

With that last philosophical flourish, I welcome you to return once again to the new version of the old blog, No Ink.