It’ll Cut Your Head Off

Dear webbers,

Recently I have been organizing my blog, which most of you know by now is called No Ink. Today, I’m adding just one more, which I had mentioned in a previous post.

This latest blog is really exciting. But it’s also really challenging.

Starting next week, I am going to post one short story per week.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a lot of stories. But I think I am up for it. I have many ideas just waiting to be written.

Not only will this be fun for you, dear readers, but it also solves two problems for me:

  1. Procrastination


  1. Procrastination

Yes, they’re the same problem, I know. But that’s how big a problem it is. Not just for me, but for many writers. The third and fourth problems would be Laziness and Laziness.

With this latest blog, I will force myself to write the dozens if not hundreds of story ideas I have been amassing. And by increasing my output, I will also be honing my skills. So I’m going to write them all. And you’re going to read them.

And since I have decided to release my other blogs on Fridays and Mondays, I figured that adding another day to the schedule only makes sense. Our entire lives are centered around the concept of a week, it rules our goddamned lives. And it rules this blog. I am making myself a slave to it, to the week, to the blog. Just like we all do. And hopefully, I will become a better writer in the process.

But even though I am a slave to this thing, I want it to be entertaining and elevating for all of us.

That said, there is always the question of a name. In coming up with a name, I looked at what weekly stories represent for you, dear readers, my audience.

They represent a temporary break in your insane reality during which you can visit other worlds that may be just as insane, if not more. It’s a severance from reality–but not a complete disconnection from it. It’s the rabbit hole. The parallel universe. The answer to the question What if? It’s how some of us live our lives, wittingly or unwittingly. It’s Severed from Reality.


And now it’s a weekly short story presentation on