Nationalism for Anti-nationalists

This was written before Obama’s State of the Union speech. I haven’t seen it or read it yet. This is not a response to that. This is just a simple description of my beliefs about nations.

Interest of a Nation

Nations fight and destroy nations. Nations have people in them. Therefore, nations fight and destroy people. And everyone seems to think that this can be okay, given a particular situation.

I don’t think it is ever okay. We allow nations to get away with murder without a hearing or a trial. It is the reason that I reject the idea of nations at all.

We Are All One People

But we do not act like it. Unfortunately, nations do exist, and we as individuals have to deal with them.

That said, I believe in a nation’s right to defend itself physically and psychologically. But I don’t think that nations should have the authority to fight or destroy other nations without serious due diligence, without serious due process and without serious due morality check.

A nation should never get past the morality check stage even if they were able to get through the first two. A nation should never justify the destruction of any nation or the killing of any people.

But if they did make the short-sighted choice to wage war, an international court of international judges should have the power to put said nation on trial. Naturally, this puts a lot responsibility on the people and judges. But if we ever got to the stage of implementing a morality check into the Global War System, the responsibility of the people and judges would be a simple afterthought.

The Anti-nationalist

This is basically how would I see the world through an anti-nationalist view point. To be clear, anti-nationalist doesn’t mean I feel hatred toward nations. I am not a terrorist. I feel like I should say that, well, because of stupid people. I do not advocate violence against nations.

Nations wield enormous amounts of power and should be more under the control of their people, who must be an adult, rational and thoughtful population.

In other words, the “interest of a nation” should always be “the interest of the people.” Since we are all one people, then we all share the same interest.

The only notion of nation that I accept is that we are all one nation, all of us, on this planet, and maybe even beyond.