Quinnipiac Poll, Sanders Versus Clinton

I’ve written about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders before. Since then a lot has happened.

Today, I watched a video from the Young Turks, a US American New Media Network, that featured the results of a recent Quinnipiac poll, which I’ll get to later.

The video got me thinking.

I’m no Politics nerd (maybe for some of you I am…), so I don’t have all the details. So I’d like to say something about just four candidates. I will release a list of all the candidates in due time–not just the Star Candidates that you already know about.

This is about:

Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton
Ted Cruz
Donald Trump

There is only one person in that group who I believe should take over for Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist. He is a progressive. He fights for Justice and champions righteous causes.

That is what makes him appealing. Abstractly, he is on the side of the masses, the People. So that gives him big points in my book. And not only because I just happen to be a part of those masses.

Let’s try a thought experiment.

Thought Experiment

Be honest with yourself. When you first heard about Bernie Sanders’ worldview and his candidacy for President, you thought:

“There’s no way a person who fights for the people will become the President of the United States.”

But you’re wrong.

It has happened before. For all his faults, Barack Obama fought for the people.

Maybe not always and perfectly…

But he did bring about a lot of positive change, among which was continuing health care reform.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t exactly a thought experiment…

Barack Obama on Crack

Bernie Sanders is simply Barack Obama on crack.

And he’s an old white dude (as I’ve said before).

Even if Bernie Sanders was only able to do 50 percent of what he promotes, it would be a huge step forward for the country and the world (because of the US’ global power).

Electability Myths

Ever since Bernie Sanders has been in the Democratic Presidential Election Campaign, he has also been on trial for his electability.

People have said:

“He’s too progressive.”

“He’s a communist.”

“America will never elect a socialist.”

“Bernie Sanders is a Jewish Nazi.” (Seriously)

All saying that he will never win against Hillary Clinton; he will never win against Donald Trump, and he will never win against Ted Cruz.

Speaking of Ted Cruz…

Ted Cruz is a Nightmare

You think Donald Trump is bad?

It kills me to say it, but it seems as though Donald Trump has said some positive things. (Abstractly)

Ted Cruz, on the other hand is the worst. According to Robert Reichmann, Ted Cruz is dangerous:

He said that Ted Cruz is a right-wing fanatic, not pro-choice and against gay marriage. That seems to be the case and it is just to start.

This is not to say that Trump is really any better. Neither one of them is fit to lead a Book Club let alone an entire country.

Bernie Sanders is a much more viable candidate than either one of these jokers.

Because people actually like him.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump may be sharing headlines with Bernie Sanders, but when it comes down to it even the Republican Party dislikes them.

I’d bet most republicans are voting democrat this election.

Speaking of democrats…

Hillary Clinton

There’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton is a top dog. She gets the benefit of the doubt. She’s the incumbent. She’s campaigned before.

She’s the favorite.

From Arkansas lawyer to First Lady and Secretary of State to Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton has accomplished a lot and has more political steam than any one.

Or does she?

According to a recent Quinnipiac Poll via the Young Turks’ video network:

Bernie Sanders got the clout.

Quinnipiac Poll Has Sanders as Frontrunner

The Quinnipiac poll suggests that Bernie Sanders is actually the more electable candidate.

Some say that only he can beat the GOP.

I say:

Don’t rest on your laurels.

Bernie Sanders hasn’t won yet. Polls are not facts as the Young Turks video makes it seem (Sorry Cenk). And we can never be sure that their results are not manipulated.

There’s only thing more dangerous than the Ted Cruzes and Donald Trumps of the world.

A foregone conclusion.

Don’t forget, we still have Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and a bunch of other right-wing fundamentalists to think about.

My advice to Bernie Sanders supporters:

Don’t stop trying. The struggle is not over.