Severed from Reality #6, Inadvertent Uxoricide

Dear interwebbers,

This day I come unto you sorely ashamed. I have neglected two deadlines this week. This one, Severed from Reality #6, is my most grievous schedule calamity yet. I have no excuse except I got lazy and tired. Or was it tired and lazy. No matter. Here is a little treat for you all. I don’t usually write fantasy stories, and this one is not pure (as with all my stories) genre. I am not necessarily a big fan of fantasy, but I have always enjoyed it.

In this one, the setting is very subtle. My hope is that you will find space in there for yourself. Some of the themes, if you catch them, are also somewhat accidental. Let me know if you see them. Maybe it’s just me!

Also, a quick note, if you like stories about people getting their heads chopped off, you might like this one. And if you don’t like short stories about people getting their heads chopped off, then I don’t know why you come to! Either way, thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to check out last week’s installment, Severed from Reality #5, Bad Habits Die Hard.