Severed From Reality #8, Dead in Stockton

Dear people of the nutz,

Happy Wednesday. Somehow, this post got lost in the vortex of time. I, your hero, have rescued it from an almost certain death. This is very important, because Severed From Reality is your only true respite from the horrible mundanity that is your life.

This week on Severed From Reality, I present you with a short story to which I am sure you can relate. I warn you. This one is different from the short stories you might be used to from me. It is about a man who has strayed from the path of righteousness and tries desperately to get back on it. Well, maybe not desperately, but he certainly tries. Allow me to introduce you to Roy Shy, a sports journalist turned bookie, turned obituary writer. I will tell you now that Roy doesn’t die at the end. But rest assured, his future is so dark, he needs night vision goggles.

This one’s called, Dead in Stockton.

Now, go. Read.