To Scythe a Vetch

by Steven Cuffari Percy Bild sliced two square yards of corn in a single swipe of his scythe. Tad Gumphrey watched, smoking a cigarette. “Impressive,” he said. “So do I have the job?” asked Percy. Tad nodded and put his cigarette butt out in a portable ashtray. “Yeah, you got it. Pay’s on the first … …read more

Gary Orbro

by Steven Cuffari Gary was sitting at his microscope and computer comparing samples of chicken DNA with that of dinosaur eggs when his lab partner, Kurt, came rushing over to him shouting. “I did it dude! I did it! I found the fucking missing link!” he shouted waving a tablet around. Gary’s face went white. His … …read more

It Was Chuck

by Steven Cuffari One dark night outside the emergency room at Immaculate Womb hospital, the multicolored reflections of the street lights decorated the asphalt. Klara was standing there smoking a cigarette in the adjacent parking lot, trying hard to ignore the near constant stream of emergency patients. “That shit’ll kill ya!” shouted an EMT as … …read more


by Steven Cuffari Tara sat at a table outside the blushing facade of Le Mère Catharine in Montmartre, Paris. She sipped a cup of coffee and people-watched. The sun made her face glow and her eyes sparkle. She was a homely girl, but beautiful. Her plain style made her look much younger than her 19 … …read more

Chang and Lopez

by Steven Cuffari The blue and white Crown Victoria sat outside the Crowswood projects in Queens. Chang and Lopez sat inside, waiting patiently for instructions over the radio. “I thought you quit?” said Chang sitting in the driver’s seat. Lopez took a drag off his freshly lit cigarette and exhaled the potent smoke out the … …read more


by Steven Cuffari Splinters Jess picked up the little angel statue on the cabinets in the living room. It reminded her of her grandmother and she smiled. “I gotta call granma,” she said out loud. “What was that?” shouted Mark from the kitchen. “Nothing, go back to what you were doing.” The sound of the … …read more

For the Love, #2

by Steven Cuffari Alex stumbles as fast as he can down the street. The drink is catching up to him. Ignoring the swirling feeling in his head, he stops, pulls a flask out from his jacket and takes a swig. He takes a deep breath and straightens himself out and walks forward with determination. Sirens … …read more

For the Love, #1

by Steven Cuffari It’s a hot day and Phil and Alex sit in the bar they always sit in talking about everything and nothing. They are at the bar drinking their fifth or sixth beers, still speaking with unslurred speech. Maria comes back from the bathroom stumbling and catching herself repeatedly, never in danger of … …read more

Bus Drivers

by Steven Cuffari I got on the bus like every night and was greeted with the stern face of my least favorite bus driver in the world. For some reason, he hated me. Or everyone. He never failed to close doors in my face, shout obscenities at me and offer nothing but contempt. I took … …read more

Dream House (Revisited)

by Steven Cuffari 1 Their dream house was custom-built and well-furnished. A chandelier from Paris, leather sofas from Milan, great paintings from New York. They left some of the finer details of its completion for themselves in order to feel more connected to its construction which had just been finished. A few days before their … …read more


by Steven Cuffari Tessa’s slight, naked body glittered in the bathtub as she swallowed one oxycodone pill after another, washing them down with vodka. In a soporific stupor, she laid her head back, bleary, and stared up at the flickering light bulb above her. Earlier, she had thought about leaving a note, but realized that … …read more

Bleeding Heart

by Steven Cuffari 1 Tom Rutherford was horrified one winter evening when his employer, the wealthy and powerful John Cartier, burst into the room hysterically crying, his suit and hands covered in blood. “Sir! What happened!” he shouted, rushing to Cartier’s aid. “It’s Alice,” he moaned. “In the bedroom!” They ran to her. Cartier fell … …read more


by Steven Cuffari Thursday The crate was about six feet long and two feet high. Big enough to fit a human body. Kris and Julie had just finished closing the office of Gallery Sevilla, an exhibition space and warehouse owned by Julie’s aunt Marie. So they were a little annoyed at its late arrival. They … …read more