Gary Orbro

by Steven Cuffari Gary was sitting at his microscope and computer comparing samples of chicken DNA with that of dinosaur eggs when his lab partner, Kurt, came rushing over to him shouting. “I did it dude! I did it! I found the fucking missing link!” he shouted waving a tablet around. Gary’s face went white. His … …read more

It Was Chuck

by Steven Cuffari One dark night outside the emergency room at Immaculate Womb hospital, the multicolored reflections of the street lights decorated the asphalt. Klara was standing there smoking a cigarette in the adjacent parking lot, trying hard to ignore the near constant stream of emergency patients. “That shit’ll kill ya!” shouted an EMT as … …read more


by Steven Cuffari Tessa’s slight, naked body glittered in the bathtub as she swallowed one oxycodone pill after another, washing them down with vodka. In a soporific stupor, she laid her head back, bleary, and stared up at the flickering light bulb above her. Earlier, she had thought about leaving a note, but realized that … …read more

Bleeding Heart

by Steven Cuffari 1 Tom Rutherford was horrified one winter evening when his employer, the wealthy and powerful John Cartier, burst into the room hysterically crying, his suit and hands covered in blood. “Sir! What happened!” he shouted, rushing to Cartier’s aid. “It’s Alice,” he moaned. “In the bedroom!” They ran to her. Cartier fell … …read more