Socialists in the USA are More Awesome Than Unicorns

Old News #3, Monday, May 25th 2015: Socialists in the USA

I might be Bernie Sanders’ newest fan. I like what he says about education, taxes, banks and corporations. He seems like the perfect representative for me. But let’s get a little cynical. He’s an old white dude. How much can we trust him? I’m joking of course. I don’t judge people that way.

But he is a politician. That automatically makes me skeptical. In order for me to get a clearer understanding of what motivates him more, money or justice, I have to do some more research. But based on this article I read about his idea to break up banks, this other one about socialism and this video about education, he seems like his heart and brain are in the right place.

I believe that increasing the literacy and critical thinking skills of the entire population would have an overall positive effect on the lives of everyone, including the super rich. I also believe that decreasing those things would have an overall negative effect on almost everyone–except the super rich.

No matter how bad it gets for those who have it the worst, the super rich continue to do better. They steal from the public and use them to get their hands on everything. The super rich want a population that lacks knowledge, critical thinking and an ability to think rationally. It helps them to stay on top. A dumbed down public is easier to steal from.

When the public asks for welfare from the government to which it gives legitimacy, they are called lazy leeches.

But when banks ask for welfare from the public, they are called, too big to fail. But what really is too big to fail, is humanity–helping each other. Once we completely lose that, we’ve lost everything.

Raise the standard of living for the most hapless and most helpless, and you raise that standard for everyone. But raise the standard of living for only the most fortunate and most powerful, then only they benefit.

We have to stop helping corporations that only help themselves and start supporting people–all people. Otherwise, what’s a government for, babysitting chaos?

I believe that this is something that Bernie Sanders would agree with. And I think that he implies this in his comments and in his actions. But like I said, I don’t know enough about him just yet. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do.

Now, I would like to present you with a great read from a good writer over at, John Cheese. I don’t know a whole lot about him yet either, but I am looking forward to learning. Check it out.