Something Slithers Under the Sun

Dear e-People,

Nihil sub sole novum. Nothing new under the Sun. This is a translation from the Hebrew Bible which I believe means that “God” has already created everything that exists, so no human can say or do something that is new. In a more modern sense, the phrase means that nothing we say or do is original or authentic because it’s probably already been said or done.

Now, if we were to believe this, which I don’t, then there is no such thing as that thing that we call news, which at its root, means new things.

If there truly is nothing new, then the news is not actually new. It is only new to us or new to me. It is information. We read and watch news to stay informed, to know what is going on around us and around the world. “They” say that we are living in the information age. But according to the idea, there is nothing new under the Sun, we have only ever been living in the information age. According to this idea, not even the Hebrew Bible is new. And the title of the Christian Bible, The New Testament, is a contradiction.

Again, if there is nothing new in the world, then all we get is information. That’s good enough for me, even though I do believe sometimes, there are some new things. Today, we get information through many channels and faster than ever.

Regardless of where you stand on newness, you probably recognize the value of information. That’s why I have decided to create another new blog aptly called Old News.

Every week on Mondays, I will be presenting pieces of news that cross my path and that I find interesting.

The first one comes out this Monday, May 11th, 2015!