Just poppin’ in to say, “Hi.” Still working on the screenplay. I will also be posting the first part of my On All Fours short story compilation very soon. Just working on the layout – something simple, you know? Oh, and I will start revising Ragamuffins soon too. I’ll keep you updated. Later Fantoms, S


Dear dears, I’m in Berlin! It’s amazing here. Still writing Ragamuffins. Or at least procrastinating finishing it. I have many other new stories that I want to start. “Coffee ” was rejected I think by the third magazine. That’s cool though. I’ll keep sending it off to different places. And I’ll send different stories to the magazines … …read more

No to Jo’

Hello my dearies, Just thought I’d update you on my “Coffee” story. It was denied promptly by Clarkesworld. Gotta love the efficiency of those guys over there. I hope they accept one of my stories that quickly one day! I submitted the story to Shock Totem. They usually take longer to get back. So more on … …read more

Cup o’ Joe, Anyone?

Hello dear foolhardy followers, I submitted my story “Coffee” to Clarkesworld today. It’s 2,500 words and is supposed to be a humorous account of how demons attack the tenants of an office building by way of their favorite drink, the eponymous beverage of the story. Wish me luck! Saludos, S


Hey y’all, I’ve been MIA here for a while, but I assure you that I am still working on my stories. I have been reading the 10 stories I wrote for my book, On All Fours, and finishing off Ragamuffins. I am on Chapter 9 right now. It’s been going a bit slow, but I … …read more

In Medias Res

Hello dear public, Just a quick update. I’m in chapter six now of Ragamuffins. It’s been really fun up to this point and it’s just promising to get better. I have introduced a new main character and eight others. It’s like I’m writing a completely new story! For those who like numbers, I’m up to … …read more


Good evening, I finished the 10th story of my book on Monday. Now I only have to revise all 10 a  final time. I have already started on my new book, “Ragamuffins.” It’ll be a short novel when I’m done. If anyone wants to read the first chapter, it’s already done. Let me know y’all. … …read more