-The End- Again

Hello y’alls, A quick update. I finished Ragamuffins! Well, at least the first draft. Or more accurately, I ended it and placed the words “The” and “End” on the last page. So what does this mean for you? It means that I will be reading it over, proofing it and filling it out where necessary … …read more

Ad Continuum

Hello dear cyberfollowers, I am happy to report to you, from my point in time and space to yours, that I have resumed writing the novel Ragamuffins. I have started Chapter 10. I think there are a few more chapters of this story to come. I know you are all depending on me to finish it. Without … …read more


Hello fellow psychophants, I thought I should mention, since this is my blog and all, that I have written 20,000 words and 100 pages as of today. I am on Chapter 4 of Ragamuffins. Also, just a tidbit of info, this isn’t the first novel I’ve attempted to write. I have attempted to write a novel … …read more