Gary Orbro

by Steven Cuffari Gary was sitting at his microscope and computer comparing samples of chicken DNA with that of dinosaur eggs when his lab partner, Kurt, came rushing over to him shouting. “I did it dude! I did it! I found the fucking missing link!” he shouted waving a tablet around. Gary’s face went white. His … …read more

It Was Chuck

by Steven Cuffari One dark night outside the emergency room at Immaculate Womb hospital, the multicolored reflections of the street lights decorated the asphalt. Klara was standing there smoking a cigarette in the adjacent parking lot, trying hard to ignore the near constant stream of emergency patients. “That shit’ll kill ya!” shouted an EMT as … …read more

Time to Read Up

Hi fellow cyber-farers, As you may have noticed, I have posted a few more new stories since “Chang and Lopez.” First, there is “Ancestral,” which will be a part of my forthcoming short story compilation On All Fours. It is the story about a young Franco-American girl in Paris who meets a long-lost cousin while researching her genealogy. … …read more

Been Busy

Hell-o peebles, I’ve been up to stuff. My Peregrine, the Crossing film development project is going forward and just keeps gaining momentum. Check out our crowdfunding campaign here on Indiegogo. It’s going slow, but it’s going! I’m back on Twitter and also now on Google+. Of course, if you’ve found this post, then you need go no … …read more

On All Fours

Dear reading peoples, After a long time, I am finally satisfied (enough) to finalize, print and distribute the stories of On All Fours. Well, for part one, anyway! I know you have all been waiting with bated breath. So you may now sit back and relax. The wait is over! Cheers, Steve

Ok, I lied

Hello y’all, Sorry. I said that I was going to do something and I didn’t. But never fear. Better late than never. A good man can’t be kept down. All for one and one for all! Yeah. I don’t know either. Anyway. I will be posting more stories soon. No excuses. I’m late. I’m a … …read more

On the Horizon

Hello all, So with the posting of “Strange Things,” On All Fours, Part One comes to a close. Starting next week, I will begin posting stories from On All Fours, Part Two! First up will be an older/newer version of “Dream House.” Check out the “original” Dream House on Aphelion here. If you haven’t done so already, … …read more


Hallo! Here is my short story “Terminal,” by far one of my favorites. Let me know what you think! Terminal Tessa has never had any luck but bad luck. Even her suicide attempt goes awry. As a strange man follows her through her depraved neighborhood, she finally decides that it is better to live than to die, but … …read more


by Steven Cuffari Tessa’s slight, naked body glittered in the bathtub as she swallowed one oxycodone pill after another, washing them down with vodka. In a soporific stupor, she laid her head back, bleary, and stared up at the flickering light bulb above her. Earlier, she had thought about leaving a note, but realized that … …read more

Bleeding Heart

by Steven Cuffari 1 Tom Rutherford was horrified one winter evening when his employer, the wealthy and powerful John Cartier, burst into the room hysterically crying, his suit and hands covered in blood. “Sir! What happened!” he shouted, rushing to Cartier’s aid. “It’s Alice,” he moaned. “In the bedroom!” They ran to her. Cartier fell … …read more

“Sarcophagus” Teaser

Hello! Next week, I will be posting the short story “Sarcophagus” from my book, On All Fours Part 1. Here’s something to whet your appetite: “Sarcophagus” – a short story by Steven Cuffari: A young couple are enticed to open an ancient crate that mysteriously arrives at their gallery. Going against their boss’ command, they … …read more


Hello dear cyberhumans, How are you? I am fine, thank you. I need to get more shit done. I have this journal that I have been working on, but haven’t written in it for a long time.  It’s got nothing to do with horror, it’s just a way to get my fingers on the keyboard. I have … …read more

Keepin’ On

As the title says… I’m keeping on, i.e. in revision of “On All Fours” (working title) a short story collection. Stories include (working titles): Ancestral Bleeding Heart (Revisited) Dream House (Revisited) Message Mythical Sarcophagus (Revisited) Steven Strange Things Terminal The Thing That Should Not Be (Revisited) I should be finished before 2012 is over. Cheers … …read more


Hello world, I’m almost done with story #10. The Thing That Should Not Be. Once I’m done with it, I will look over all 10 stories for a final time and put them together as a book. Next project… TBD. S

Check, check…

Y’all, Ok, so I am just checking in here with my fan base. Hi everyone. So I’ve completed a final draft of “Terminal,” a semi-final draft of “Bleeding Heart” and just now a preliminary draft of “Dream House: Revisited.” That leaves “The Thing That Should Not Be” and “Sarcophagus” to get their polish on. I … …read more


Hi everyone, So I’ve received a couple of rejections for “Dream House” in the past few days, and I am already shortening and revising it. I have completed a new draft of “Terminal” and I have submitted that as well. Right now, I am working on the latest draft of “Bleeding Heart.” I should be … …read more


Hi All, Today, I submitted “Dream House” to three online publications. Wish me luck. I will try to submit more today. I will also start connecting with publications on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. I need to be more involved with different markets and in different ways. I already use social networking sites quite a bit, … …read more


Hey y’all, I started reading H.P. Lovecraft‘s “At the Mountains of Madness.” I had never read it before because I have always been more interested in his short fiction. Also because I am lazy. Anyway, I was thinking that I should write a journal here about Horror stories I read and movies I see. I think … …read more


Hey yo, One of the parts of writing/revising that I love is that you have to come up with reasons for your characters’ actions, however small those actions may be. You kind of have to anticipate your audience’s critique of your story, its inconsistencies, logical flaws and so on. Coming up with reasons for your characters’ behavior helps … …read more

En Masse

Greetings ladies and germs, Last night, I was up until 1:30 am writing mass amounts of non-horror for three hours. I will be getting paid for it, but I need to get paid for my horror! “The Thing That Should Not Be” is coming along well, but I didn’t get anything done last night since … …read more


Hey, I missed a blog post yesterday. So I’ll make up for it today by posting two. This first one is about “Bleeding Heart.” First, I should say that I came up with the original idea for “Bleeding Heart” last year. It’s a supernatural horror story set in the New England/Mid-Atlantic region of the US. I … …read more


Hi y’all, I need to feel like a rock. I got some good feedback today. The point of this blog is to keep things rolling. But just because I’m rolling, doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere. Not that I feel like I’m going in circles. Anyway, “Bleeding Heart” is going. Going fast? I don’t know. Maybe … …read more