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Backstory Biernes #1, May 9th 2015: The Introduction

As you may already know, Backstory Biernes is a new blog on that focuses on, you guessed it, backstories. Most of the backstories here will be of my fiction. Some won’t be.

For this introductory Backstory Biernes, I will be talking about the blog itself. And so, I feel the need to address the lexical elephant in the room. You might be asking yourself, Biernes? What the hell kind of word is that? Let me tell you a story.

One fine day, I was looking at my phone reading posts on Facebook, and noticed that more and more people are using this Throwback Thursday concept, usually when posting old photos.

I scratched my head and thought, Maybe I should do that. At first, I thought it was corny, and to some extent, I still do. But then I realized I can use it as a simple structure for my blog and a good way to promote my writing, corny or not.

So I sat down at my laptop and started making notes. I didn’t want to copy the idea completely, and I wanted to make it more relevant to what I do. I liked the basic idea of a throwback, something from the past, and I write stories. I combined the two and came up with backstory. Great! I thought. I love backstories.

But Backstory Thursday didn’t sound right. I wanted to have some alliteration in it, like the original. I looked at the calendar, rubbed my chin and realized that no day of the week in English begins with a B. I would have to look elsewhere to sate my alliterative needs.

I clicked open my internet browser and searched the days of the week in other languages, and just like that, I found the perfect one. In the Aragonese language, the word for Friday is Biernes. I found my B. Backstory Thursday became Backstory Biernes, and I was a happy man. And so, it began.

Every Friday I will be posting some sort of backstory, be it of my fiction or otherwise. Feel free to send me suggestions or backstories of your own.


What’s up next Friday–Backstory Biernes #2: It Was a Love Tap That Killed Her.


Thanks for reading.

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