Time to Read Up

Hi fellow cyber-farers,

As you may have noticed, I have posted a few more new stories since “Chang and Lopez.”

First, there is “Ancestral,” which will be a part of my forthcoming short story compilation
On All FoursIt is the story about a young Franco-American girl in Paris who meets
a long-lost cousin while researching her genealogy. The cousins join forces to uncover
their shared history, but ancient family rifts prove to be stronger than their new found

The next is “Message From an Unknown Sender,” which is about a young, reclusive computer
programmer who is forced out of his comfort zone by an unknown entity that takes over his
computer. To regain control of his machine and his life, he must do the bidding of the entity
and he unknowingly sets out on a path that has the potential to break him out of his hermitic

Finally, there is “Insecurity Complex,” a story about a security expert in financial distress
due to the success of a security consultant who is slowly edging him out of his position.
In an attempt to uncover his nemesis’ weakness, he devises a plan of sabotage which
backfires with a very unexpected turn of events.

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