Why I Don’t Celebrate the Fourth of July

They Weren’t Independent
It is true that at the time of the American wars of independence, the people of the Americas were freeing themselves from the “tyranny” of certain European powers that shall remain nameless. But they were by no means independent in doing so. They had help from Native Americans, friendly European powers and slaves.

They Weren’t Revolutionaries
In some sense, the leaders of these wars of independence were “revolutionaries.” They revolted against the hegemony of European powers in the Americas. But revolution is a strong word. It was more of a changing of the guard than it was a revolution.

They Didn’t Fight for Freedom
There is some truth to the claim that these revolutionaries were “freedom” fighters. They were, after all, fighting for freedom from the empires of Europe. However, they fought for the freedom of a select few and had no problem taking freedom from others.

It’s Nationalist
The biggest reason I don’t celebrate the fourth of July or any independence day is because it seems to be the product of a nationalist ideology. For me, nationalism is closed off, selfish and narrow-minded.

These holidays shouldn’t be a time to celebrate how far we have come, but instead should be a reminder of how far we have NOT come. And how far we still have yet to go.