Writing: Masturbation or Empowerment?

I spend a lot of time writing and developing that writing. Every day, I try to hone my craft and create compelling stories.

That said, I write what pleases ME. I don’t write for an audience. I don’t write for money. It might sound crazy. It might sound selfish. But writing for myself doesn’t mean that I am lazy or vapid or that my writing is meaningless. On the contrary, I strive to write entertaining pieces that have an underlying meaning that is important to me. And what’s important to me may not be important to you.

I write because I love to write. Although I write a lot of so-called genre fiction, I still believe that my writing can make an impact in the real world. It may not always be clear what that impact can be or even what the underlying meaning is. What is certain however, is that by self-publishing, my writing will be there. In the world, not hiding like some scared little boy.

“They” say: if you don’t love yourself, then others can’t love you.

The same goes for writing: if you don’t write for yourself, then you can’t write for others.

This goes far beyond mental masturbation. It’s about empowerment. Everyone should write.