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Steve Cuffari Curriculum Vitae (Abridged)

A lot of the stuff I've done in my life, but not all of it, and not necessarily the most important. This is not a memoir. It's a CV.

A Long and Peculiar Career

I have had a long and peculiar career. Full of ups and downs, it's been a singular journey guided by my instincts, inspirations, and interests. My education, experience, and entrepreneurship have helped me to achieve a myriad of goals both professionally and personally.

I am a writer by education. A storyteller by trade. And a host by nature. While I am predominantly an office worker professionally, I have also worked in bars, restaurants, and retail stores. This work has just as much value to me as my office work in many ways. In many ways it has more value. Work is not always about money. It's often about passion, and living. I have yet to find a dream job. But I'm always looking.

I have always planned to find work in line with my interests; however, there have been times I have worked simply for a paycheck. Those jobs have often proven to be among the most interesting jobs I have done. Similarly, I have worked jobs that seemed perfectly aligned to my interests, only to discover they are extremely boring. I have worked jobs that came to me out of pure luck, and jobs that I have done simply to help a friend. I believe that every experience is valuable and that no so-called curriculum vitae can ever truly encapsulate the value of a person. Nevertheless, here we all are, writing resumes and CVs and cover letters galore.

Every resume, CV, or cover letter has an intention, but it seems that there is always something hidden within them. Something unsaid out of fear or ignorance. Let me make my intentions clear:

This cover letter and the CV that follows are intended to demonstrate my appreciation for the fortune I have had to work continuously over the last 20-odd years. Not always doing what I loved, but always trying to find the value in it. It's what I've been. What I am. And what I hope to be. Some of you might find this last statement to be melodramatic or even bizarre. If so, then it's better for us to part ways before crossing paths.

All the best,


Employment History

🏢 International Marketing Project Manager

2017 November to 2020 September @ Lernidee, Berlin - 2 years 11 months

📎 Senior Content Marketing Manager

2016 April to 2017 October @ Webgears, Berlin - 1 year 7 months

🍸 On-Call Bartender

2016 to 2017 @ Maigold, Berlin - 5 months

📎 Content, PR and Marketing Manager

2015 June to 2016 March @ Lamudi, Berlin - 10 months

📎 Marketing Copywriter and Translator, Freelance

2015 June to 2016 January @ United Digital Group, Berlin - 8 months

🍸 Lead Bartender

2014 November to 2015 March @ Circus Hotel, Berlin - 5 months

🍸 Lead Bartender

2014 March to October @ Maigold, Berlin - 8 months

🍸 Bartender

2013 June to 2014 March @ Jagger, Berlin - 10 months

🍸 Bartender

January 2013 @ Mihoko's 21 Grams, NYC - 1 month

🍸 Bartender, Server

2012 June to 2013 March @ Novecento, NYC - 10 months

🏢 Business Development Manager

2011 March to December @ Andovar, Buenos Aires, Medellín - 10 months

🍖 Chef's Assistant

2011 March @ Ferona Social Club, Buenos Aires - 1 month

🍸 Whiskey Tasting Host & Explainer

2011 February @ Magdalena's Party, Buenos Aires - 1 month

🍸 Night Receptionist and Bartender

2010 November to 2011 February @ Bait "Back in BA" Hostel, Buenos Aires - 4 months

🍸 Server and Bartender

2010 November to 2011 February @ Complejo Tango, Buenos Aires - 4 months

🏢 Human Resources Coordinator

2010 June to August @ The Estée Lauder Companies, NYC - 3 months

🍸 Server and Bartender

2010 January to August @ Megu Tribeca, NYC - 8 months

🏢 Major Accounts Sales, Marketing, & Logistics Coordinator

2008 March to 2009 November @ Bodum USA, NYC - 1 year 9 months

🏢 Canadian and Latin American Sales, Marketing, & Logistics Coordinator

2007 July to 2008 March @ Bodum USA, NYC - 9 months

🍸 Bartender Intern

2009 October @ Tutuma Social Club, NYC - 1 month

🏢 SEO and Web Design Consultant

2007 April to July @ The Estée Lauder Companies, NYC - 4 months

🏢 Global Consumer Communications Team Leader

2005 March to 2007 February @ The Estée Lauder Companies, NYC - 2 years

🏢 Global Consumer Communications Representative

2003 May to 2005 March @ The Estée Lauder Companies, NYC - 1 year 11 months

🏢 Publishing Assistant

2000 September to January 2001 @ The Advantage Networker Magazine, NYC - 5 months


🎓 Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing

2000-2003 @ Hunter College, CUNY