Steven Cuffari

Creative Writing & Communications Expert for Events, Content Strategy, and Digital Marketing

Steven Cuffari Portfolio

Hi. I’m Steve.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio page. I am interested in working on exciting projects as a permanent employee, freelancer, or business partner. I am especially interested in working with artists and tech companies with great ideas.

A bit about me

I’m a creative writer and communications manager with more than 20 years of business experience.

I have been working in marketing, specifically content marketing, since 2015. Over the years, I have developed a wide variety of marketing skills, including web design, media production, communications, and CRM.

Despite my wide range of skills, I consider myself to be primarily a writer, as I have dedicated the last 24 years of my life to the written word, especially in the English language.

Outside of marketing and other work, I have written a novel, a feature film screenplay, and have hosted and maintained several personal websites since 2004, including this website, an online magazine, and a podcast.

Work experience

Originally from New York City, I moved to Berlin in 2013 thanks to my dual American and Italian citizenship. In Berlin, I have worked as a creative writer and communications manager for successful startups, including Lamudi (Rocket) and Webgears. Most recently, I was the International Marketing Project Manager and Head of Marketing and Communications for established Berlin companies Lernidee Erlebnisreisen and PACE Aerospace & IT (TXT), respectively.

Before 2015, I worked in a wide variety of industries and roles, including hospitality, translation and localization, human resources, sales, logistics, business development and consumer communications. Companies I worked for in New York include the Estee Lauder Companies, where I was a Global Consumer Communications team lead, and Bodum, where I was a Major Accounts Sales and Logistics Coordinator (US, Canada and South America).

In addition to having lived and worked in NYC and Berlin, I have lived and worked in Argentina and Colombia as a Business Development Manager for translation and localization company Andovar.

Work samples

The majority of my career has been as a contracted employee in the service of companies who own the exclusive rights to my work.

Therefore, I kindly ask that any work samples you find here that are not publicly available be regarded as confidential and used only for assessment purposes.

Some of my published work can be found at popular entertainment news publication ScreenRant, where I wrote more than 100 articles about movies and TV.

Resume and education

I received a bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing from CUNY Hunter College in 2003 after previously attending CUNY Queens College and graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School with a specialized New York State Regents Diploma and a BTHS Specialized Diploma in Media and Communications.

After 2003, I continued to study language and linguistics at Hunter College with course work in literary theory; at the CUNY Grad Center with course work in general linguistics and psycholinguistics; and at Queens College with course work in applied linguistics and TESOL.

Thanks again for visiting my portfolio page. I look forward to hearing from you soon and possibly working together on exciting projects!

Steve Cuffari