"I Think Up Demons"

Hi. I'm Steve Cuffari, horror writer. is dedicated to sharing information about my professional and amateur projects, hopes, and dreams.

About Me

Welcome to my website. I am a writer. As such, my interests are varied and wide-ranging. My main goal in life is to pursue my interests and help others do the same in any way I can. My interests include art, film, music, photography, web design, the food & beverage industry, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and chess.

Check out my CV here: Steven Cuffari CV.

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At, I write movie and TV feature articles containing opinion, analysis, and comparisons. I explore genre tropes, plot holes, and social commentary. Although my personal focus is on the horror genre, I also write about many other genres, including comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, and action.

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Voices from the Dark

At, I run a free, independent podcast featuring discussions about Culture, Politics, and the Arts. One of my longest running podcasts is the Artists series, which is a series of interviews with international artists.