Steven Cuffari

Creative Writing & Communications Expert for Events, Content Strategy, and Digital Marketing

Work Samples

I have written hundreds of landing pages, blog posts, SEO texts, press releases, newsletters and more. Below is a selection of a few that I particularly enjoyed working on.

PACE Aerospace & IT – B2B Sales Flyer

For this flyer, I worked closely with the head of Aircraft Preliminary Design at PACE to develop a unique concept for positioning the Pacelab APD & SysArc software as the premiere solution for aircraft design and innovation. Instead of starting with the typical “save time and money” line, I decided to appeal first to the aerospace engineer persona. After that, I presented the two biggest challenges faced by that persona in a clear way and associated the product as the best solution.

I briefed an external designer and provided the below text. They then transformed it into a 4-page A4 flyer for use at aerospace conferences around the world. I then adapted the flyer to create the company’s corresponding product page at I created many flyers such as this for PACE. Similar samples available upon request.

ScreenRant – Movie and TV Feature Articles

I wrote more than 100 movie and TV feature articles for ScreenRant, collaborating with editors to develop story ideas, pitching my own ideas. For each article, I sourced my own images, incorporated SEO keywords into text, created relevant internal links and adhered to brand style at all times.

Lernidee Erlebnisreisen – B2B Product Brochure

For this brochure, I worked closely with the International B2B Sales team to present a comprehensive overview of the Tsar’s Gold (Zarengold) journey, the company’s then flagship product.

The aim of the brochure was to promote the product in an informative, inspirational manner to convert sales leads into customers who would add the product to their assortment.

For this brochure, I developed the text based on sales requirements and created new concepts that further positioned the journey as an attractive addition to any product portfolio. I created several brochures such as this for Lernidee. Similar samples available upon request.

Webgears – Infographic for Linkbuilding

For Webgears, I conducted research on interesting consumer topics, which included online surveys, price and cost comparisons, and savings opportunities. This infographic, which I produced with freelance graphic designers, was the result of such research.

The infographic was accompanied by a blog article and a press release. I used it for in-house media outreach and provided it to PR agencies for link building.

I created more than 40 infographics like this, each usually accompanied by a blog, a press release, and adapted social media content. Similar samples available upon request.

Lamudi – Blog Article

For Lamudi, a real estate listings website, I researched and wrote this article for the company’s online magazine. I created dozens of articles like this along with SEO texts, landing pages, press releases and more. Similar samples available upon request.